Maksim Grinberg

For the New York City Jewish humanitarian Maksim Grinberg, giving back is the least he can do for his people and his community. From an early age and before immigrating from the USSR to the United States, Maksim Grinberg saw firsthand how Jewish people were treated and regarded by many. Maksim Grinberg has always stood strong in his faith and stood strong for others who practice the Jewish religion.

Being the humanitarian that he is, Maksim Grinberg promotes the welfare and the ideas of Jewish people by bringing about change through donating his time, resources, energy, and money. “Maksim is truly incredible,” Rabbi Laskin said. “He is a respected member of the community.”

Rabbi Laskin went on to explain that unlike most, he supports his synagogue beyond the holidays. In fact, Maksim Grinberg was the inspiration behind the opening of an educational Synagogue Center in upstate New York and the rabbi plans on honoring him publicly for his good patronage.